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4 Tips to Help You Enjoy Cades Cove Activities in the Spring

March 24, 2016

Spring has sprung, and now is the perfect time to enjoy a family vacation in the Smokies! There are so many Cades Cove activities for you to experience and enjoy while you’re on your relaxing trip to the mountains, and we’ve put together a list of tips to help you get the most out of your Cades Cove vacation!

1. Give Yourself All Day to Explore

Explore Cades Cove

Cades Cove is a huge, beautiful piece of land in the Smoky Mountains that is filled with gorgeous flowers and trees, bountiful wildlife and historic buildings. From experiencing all the Cades Cove hiking trails you’ll love, to strolling through the old cabins and churches, Cades Cove is brimming with fun things for the whole family. The last thing you’ll want is to feel rushed while experiencing all the different Cades Cove activities there are, so be sure to allow your family from dawn to dusk to take your time and see all that Cades Cove has to offer!

2. Pack a Picnic Lunch

Plan a picnic in Cades Cove

Since you’re going to spend all day experiencing many different Cades Cove activities, you’ll definitely work up an appetite! Instead of having to interrupt your day of exploring by driving to a restaurant, pack a lunch and a blanket and enjoy a meal with your family outside. Cades Cove in the springtime is beautiful, so you’ll love watching the birds and breathing the fresh air while you eat. Since eating out can also be quite expensive, packing a picnic will also help you to save money!

3. Dress in Layers and Wear Comfortable Shoes

The weather in Cades Cove in the spring is beautiful, but the early mornings and the evenings can be chilly, while the middle of the day tends to be sunny and warm. So to make sure you’re comfortable all day long, wear layers that are easy to put on and take off through the day! There are many outdoor Cades Cove activities such as biking and exploring wildlife, as well as the option to drive the 11-mile loop in the comfort of your car, so it’s important to be prepared for all sorts of weather. And since you’ll be spending part of your day hiking the trails and walking through all the historic buildings, it’s also a good idea to wear shoes that you’ll be comfortable walking in for several hours!

4. Plan to Camp Overnight

Beautiful Cades Cove stream

After a full day of Cades Cove activities, it’s likely that your family will be exhausted and ready to relax! Instead of having to make the drive back home or to a hotel, extend your trip to Cades Cove by planning to camp overnight. There is so much more to experience during the nighttime, so why not get the total experience by sleeping under the Cades Cove stars! And if you’re not very outdoorsy, don’t worry! Cades Cove has indoor bathrooms and clean drinking water. To prepare for your overnight camping, check out Know Before You Go: Cades Cove Campground.

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