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Your Guide to Abrams Creek Fishing in Cades Cove

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March 28, 2023

If you are interested in casting a line in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Cades Cove would be a great spot to go fishing! Abrams Creek has the highest population of wild rainbow trout in the park and is a recommended stream to visit if you are looking to catch fish. You’ll need some background information first before you go! Here is your guide to Abrams Creek fishing in Cades Cove:

Where is Abrams Creek?

facing Abrams Falls waterfall

If you want to experience Abrams Creek fishing first start on the Cades Cove Loop in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Travel for approximately 5 miles until you see a gravel road near Marker #10. Take the road and follow the sign for Abrams Falls Trail. Once you get to the trailhead you’ll have plenty of opportunities to fish heading downstream. The best spots to cast your line are between the trailhead and the Abrams Creek Campground. Be sure to check out Abrams Falls while you are there! This gorgeous waterfall is rather short measuring only 20 feet tall. Don’t let that deter you! This waterfall has a powerful volume of water.

What to Expect at Abrams Creek?

There is a reason Abrams Creek fishing is such a popular activity! The area is located high up in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and contains interesting geology and history. Abrams Creek is a mountain limestone spring creek and is surrounded by fertile soil. The fertile soil found in Cades Cove is the result of weathering and erosion of the landscape. Because of the fertile soil and limestone, there are great sources of food for trout and other fish. In addition, the water temperatures are relatively stable throughout the year meaning you can fish year-round! Some of the most popular times to visit for Abrams Creek fishing are in the springtime and summertime. There are opportunities to catch fish during the fall and winter months as well.

More Information on Abrams Creek Fishing

Man fishing in Smoky MountainsDid you know you can catch other fish in Abrams Creek besides rainbow trout? The mountain stream also has opportunities to catch smallmouth bass and brown trout. One of the more sought after areas in Abrams Creek is an area called the Horseshoe. The Horseshoe is in a remote area that flows away from the trail creating a horseshoe shape. You could spend a whole day fishing in this area and navigating around the stream and trail. Plan ahead of time if you choose to visit the Horseshoe because it is a mile long. Wherever you choose to fish along Abrams Creek, you have a good chance of catching a large trout! Some anglers have reported catching rainbow trout over 12 inches long.

You have just learned a little more about Abrams Creek fishing after reading our guide. There is more information to know about fishing in the creek including fishing licensure, daily possession limits, and what bait is allowed. Take a look at these 3 important things to know before fishing in Cades Cove. Have fun fishing in the Smokies!

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