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A Spectacular Cades Cove Waterfall: 3 Interesting Facts About Abrams Falls Trail

Abrams Falls in Cades Cove
November 7, 2022

The Abrams Falls Trail was named after a Cherokee Indian chief and is a popular trail in Cades Cove. In fact, it has helped to attract more than 1,000 visitors per day to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park during peak season. They love to see the gorgeous nature views along the moderate 5-mile trail. If you want to know more about this Cades Cove waterfall and the trail it sits on, read on to find out 3 interesting facts about the Abrams Falls Trail:

1. It Offers Gorgeous Nature Views

Abrams Falls Trail in the Smoky MountainsAs visitors walk along the Abrams Falls Trail, they love to see the rich greenery and tall trees. When it comes to nature, the crown jewel of the trail is Abrams Falls. Even though this Cades Cove waterfall stands only 20 feet tall, the rushing water adds a lot of volume to it. The trail is always beautiful. Even so, if you want to see even more beauty, come during the rainy times of the year when the water is higher and the greenery is lusher. If you are hiking during the warmer months, take a much-needed rest by the waterfall. The mists coming from the waterfall can cool you off in the hot sun. It is like a natural air conditioner!

2. You Might Spot a River Otter

On your hike to the beautiful Cades Cove waterfall that is Abrams Falls, you will see many creatures that have taken up residence in the Great Smoky Mountains. Popular animals include whitetail deer and black bears. As you are walking along the Abrams Falls Trail, you may be able to spot one of the rarest animals in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a river otter. You may be able to spot them in Abrams Creek diving for fish. The unique features of an otter include its fur. Otters do not have blubber like other animals who live in the water. Instead, they have dense waterproof fur to keep them warm.

3. The Trail is Rich With History

Elijah Oliver Place in Cades CoveThe Great Smoky Mountains National Park is known for its abundance of preserved historical structures. They are important because they are remnants of the hard work of the once-thriving communities. At the beginning of the Abrams Falls Trail, you will come across the Elijah Oliver cabin. During his lifetime, Elijah Oliver was a prominent figure in the Cades Cove community. He was a deacon and clerk of the Primitive Baptist Church in Cades Cove for 37 years. He was also an excellent hunter who could shoot 3 to 6 deer on a good day. Oliver was a very giving person and this quality is illustrated in his house. He enclosed his front porch to create a little room for travelers passing through Cades Cove to stay overnight.

Abrams Falls is a popular Cades Cove waterfall and hiking trail. To start planning your next hike, explore some more trails and learn some helpful tips about hiking in Cades Cove!

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