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Top 5 Facts You Might Not Know About Cades Cove

5 Stops on the Cades Cove Tour You Have to See
December 13, 2019

There are all kinds of cool things to learn about Cades Cove. It’s full of history and provides a way to learn more about the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Here are 5 facts you might not know about Cades Cove:

1. One of the Only Places that Closes in the Park

Sunset in Cades CoveCades Cove is one of the only places in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that closes. Hiking trails, roads, and other points of interest don’t have closing times. Park rangers close to the gate that leads to the Cades Cove Loop at nightfall so people can’t be in this area after dark. If you do end up getting closed in, you can get out on Rich Mountain Road.

2. Valley Was Named After a Cherokee Chief

Cades Cove gets its name from a Cherokee Chief Kade who was an active leader in the community in the 1700s and 1800s. Not much is known about this chief, but this fact was confirmed by a European trader named Peter Snider. A bonus fun fact: Cades Cove wasn’t the original name of this valley. It was known as Otter Place, which is what the Cherokees called this area.

3. Can Ride Horses in Cades Cove

A young couple enjoying Cades Cove horseback riding.Did you know Cades Cove has a riding stable? You can enjoy the beauty of this area on horseback! You can ride if you’re a beginner or experienced with horses A guide on a horse will lead the way with you on horseback. Kids and adults will have fun seeing Cades Cove like the pioneers would have seen it!

4. Go For a Carriage Ride

Not only can you see Cades Cove by horseback, you can also see it from a carriage ride! A guide will lead the horse along the path while you sit back and enjoy looking out at nature and the historic buildings you’ll pass. The guide will share information with you about the area, so you’ll learn even more than if you were to just drive the loop by yourself! Plus, you’ll get to relax and enjoy the ride! As many as 6 people are allowed in the carriage at a time.

5. Bike or Walk Around the Loop

couple enjoying biking in Cades CoveFrom May to September, Cades Cove is closed to vehicles on Wednesdays and Sundays in the mornings until 10 am. This closure is so people can ride bikes or walk around the Cades Cove loop without worrying about cars! This is a unique way to see the Loop and get exercise while doing it. You’ll have a completely different experience going around the loop when you’re not in a car!

Now you know some Cades Cove facts you can share with other people who also love this area in the Smoky Mountains! Want even more information? Check out these things you didn’t know about Cades Cove history.

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