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Top 4 Things to Know About Visiting the Elijah Oliver Cabin in Cades Cove

elijah oliver cabin
April 17, 2024

While exploring the Cades Cove Loop Road, be sure to take a short detour to see the Elijah Oliver Cabin! Although this is the most remote cabin in Cades Cove, it is only about a half mile off the loop and offers a unique opportunity to take a glimpse into the fascinating history of the Smoky Mountains! Here are the top 4 things to know about visiting the Elijah Oliver cabin in Cades Cove:

1. History of the Cabin

elijah oliver place in cades cove tn

Elijah Oliver was born in 1824 to John and Lucretia Oliver, and he spent most of his life living in Cades Cove. His family did leave the area during the Civil War to escape attacks from Confederate supporters and rebel groups from North Carolina but returned to Cades Cove after the war. Elijah’s family purchased property in 1865 for a farmstead, and the cabin was constructed in 1866. Elijah Oliver’s homestead eventually expanded to include a barn, corn crib, smokehouse, and a springhouse which was built over a trickling spring to ensure a clean water supply. While many other settlers also returned to the area, it took time for Cades Cove to recover to pre-war population levels.

2. Unique Cabin Features

There are several unique features about the Elijah Oliver cabin that distinguish it from other historical cabins in Cades Cove! The cabin that Elijah Oliver’s family lived in was a dog trot-style cabin, which actually consists of two cabins that were connected by a breezeway and shared a common roof. Another unique feature is the “stranger room”, which is located off the front porch and was built to house overnight visitors. This room allowed the family to accommodate guests but in a private area that was separate from the family’s space. The springhouse on the property is unique as well, as it is the only one remaining in Cades Cove!

3. Location of the Cabin

elijah oliver cabin in cades cove

You’ll find the parking area for the Elijah Oliver cabin located approximately 4.6 miles from the beginning of Cades Cove Loop Road, about 1.5 miles past the Missionary Baptist Church, and just past Cooper Road Trail. The parking area is on the left side of the road, but the gravel trail begins on the opposite side of the road. The one-mile round-trip hike makes this the most remote historical building on Cades Cove Loop Road and provides the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs for a bit! This area is also well-known for wildlife sightings, so keep your eyes peeled for bears and other critters!

4. Parking Tag Requirement

Keep in mind that a Great Smoky Mountains parking pass is required when you plan to park at any one location within the national park boundaries for more than 15 minutes. The parking pass is not required if you plan to simply drive along Cades Cove Loop Road, but we’re sure that you’ll want to stop several times to enjoy all of the sights in the area! Parking passes are available in daily, weekly, and annual durations.

Now that you know all about the Elijah Oliver cabin in Cades Cove, learn how Elijah Oliver’s wallet was donated to the National Park Service Collections Preservation Center! This facility houses genealogical information, historic photographs, park management reports, and other park archives, and you can visit the center by making an appointment to dig deeper into the park’s history!

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