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4 Cades Cove Animals You May See on Your Visit This Fall

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August 29, 2022

Fall is an absolutely beautiful time of the year to experience Cades Cove! On top of the leaves changing colors and the cooler weather, it is one of the best times to spot wildlife in the Smoky Mountains! There are many animals that call Cades Cove home. Here are 4 Cades Cove animals you may see on your visit this Fall:

1. Black Bears

black bear in Cades CoveWhen people think of a symbol of the Smoky Mountains, they might think of Smoky Mountain black bears. These fuzzy Cades Cove animals are all over the park! An interesting fact is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to the largest protected area in the United States for black bears. This means you’ll have a good chance of seeing them during your visit! Early fall is a great time to spot black bears in the national park! We also recommend keeping an eye out for the bears early in the morning or late in the evening. Be sure to never approach the black bears or try to feed any animals in Cades Cove!

2. White-Tailed Deer

Another common animal you can spot in Cades Cove during the Fall is white-tailed deer. Mating season starts in September so expect an abundance of deer around this time! You can find white-tailed deer grazing in the fields of Cades Cove or in the forest. While they are in the open field, the white-tailed deer like to eat plants and nuts. Be sure to snap a picture of these cute creatures when you take a drive around the Cades Cove Loop!

3. Wild Turkey

Wild turkey in flowering field in Cades CoveWhen driving around Cades Cove, keep an eye out for wild turkeys crossing the road! In the fall you will find an abundance of turkeys in the national park! They tend to be found in the open fields or valleys making Cades Cove an ideal spot for a flock! In the heart of Fall, the birds will clear away fallen leaves with their feet to search for food. They uncover insects and other food sources on the ground. Once a declining population, these Cades Cove animals are now at an all time population high! You are highly likely to spot a wild turkey!

4. Woodpeckers

When you take to the hiking trails in Cades Cove this Fall, you might spot or hear some woodpeckers up in trees! Pileated woodpeckers are the most common woodpeckers to find in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You can find these small birds feeding on the ground in low elevation areas or deep in the forest. If you by chance do not see one of the group, you might hear their hammering sound up in the trees.

Now you know 4 Cades Cove animals you may see on your visit this Fall. There are so many varieties of animals to see when you visit the park any time of year! Check out the 4 Cades Cove animals you can spot during the Winter. Have fun seeing all the wildlife in Cades Cove and in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park!

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