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Haunted Cades Cove: The Spookiest Places in the Isolated Valley

Cades Cove Primitive Baptist Church at night
September 28, 2022

The fall season brings about sweater weather and is also known as the spooky season! There has been a great amount of history that has occurred in the Smoky Mountains and particularly in Cades Cove. Cades Cove was once home to a lively population but is now an isolated valley containing remnants of their structures. Some people who tour Cades Cove say they get an eerie feeling around certain buildings or have even seen apparitions floating around the historic site. Does this mean the Smokies contain a haunted Cades Cove? Here are the spookiest places in the isolated valley:

Primitive Baptist Church

churchThe Primitive Baptist Church has a rich history in the area! The first settlers to the area, John and Lucretia Oliver were involved in establishing the Cades Cove Baptist Church in 1827 which would later become the Primitive Baptist Church. The church that stands today in Cades Cove was built in 1887. This structure is truly a striking symbol of the landscape! Is the Primitive Baptist Church part of a haunted Cades Cove? People who visit Cades Cove at night have reported seeing a woman coming out of the wall at the church. They describe this woman as a ghost apparition who appears in full form or just her face. You may be wondering who is the ghost woman that people have witnessed around the church. This remains a mystery!

The Cemeteries

What is very interesting about Cades Cove is there are actually records of 14 cemeteries but only 11 have been located to date! The 11 cemeteries include Boring Family Cemetery, Cable Family Cemetery, Cades Cove Methodist Church Cemetery, Cades Cove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Cades Cove Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Davis Cemetery, Graveyard Hill Cemetery, Lawson Cemetery, LeQuire Family Cemetery, Noah Burchfield Cemetery, and Post Cemetery. All of these cemeteries truly show the large population that once called Cades Cove home! When visitors come to Cades Cove at dusk and walk around the cemeteries, they have noted seeing orbs floating around! Many photographs have been posted on the internet depicting orbs around gravestones at Cades Cove. You never know what encounter you may have around the possible haunted Cades Cove!

The Cabins and Other Buildings

Black and white photo of a cabin in Cades Cove.The settlers of Cades Cove built cabins and other structures in the valley that still stands today! These structures are frozen in time and represent when the valley was a heavily populated and lively place. When you walk around after most of the guests leave in the evening, you may feel an eerie feeling around the historic structures. People have noted a feeling of someone watching them and others have photographed orbs floating around the cabins and other buildings! Next time you visit, let us know if you experienced a haunted Cades Cove!

You now know the spookiest places in the isolated valley! Do you think Cades Cove is haunted? There are many ghost stories about Cades Cove to learn about! Check out these Cades Cove Ghost Stories: The Cussing Cover. Have a spooky good time in the valley!

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